Olivia Pierrelouis - Your Medicare Navigator

Connecting patients with the confidence to make their Medicare choices with ease, that’s Millennium Physician Group’s Medicare Navigator Olivia Pierrelouis’ mission. Every day, she helps folks 65 and older jump-start their Medicare journeys.

“Medicare can be really confusing,” she admits. “And when people first start learning about their Medicare options, they have a lot of questions, and they’ve often found a lot of conflicting information out there. They don’t know who to trust.”

Pierrelouis brings nearly 10 years of healthcare customer and guest services experience to her role as Millennium’s Medicare Navigator. Hers is often the first voice or face patients see or hear when starting their Medicare journeys with Millennium. They connect with her over the phone and at community health expos and informational meetings across Florida. Calling on the resources of Millennium’s Medicare Connect Program, she connects patients with trusted Medicare advisors who can help them navigate the overwhelming process of choosing the right Medicare coverage for them.

“Medicare decisions can affect a person’s health,” explains Pierrelouis. “Studies show people who are uninsured or underinsured are less likely to take advantage of preventive services and more likely to have poorer health outcomes. And that’s not OK with Millennium.”

Olivia Pierrelouise, Medicare Navigator